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A Generational Change in ERP


Exploring How Technology Is Transforming the Application and How Organizations Work with It

Software vendors are seeking to make business applications easier to use and more productive. We’d like to have your perspective on the state of your organization’s ERP system. ERP software handles a diverse set of tasks including statutory and management accounting, human resources management, inventory management, sales order management, fixed asset management and logistics management. These systems have been around for so long and are so much a part of people’s jobs that they can fade into the background — until something goes wrong. Ventana Research is investigating how companies use their ERP systems, as well as their likes and dislikes. Your input will help guide the design of future ERP software.

Are You Qualified? The survey for this benchmark research is designed for managers or executives using any part of their organization’s ERP system as well as those responsible for managing it or its administration. This includes those with responsibilities in finance and accounting, HR, operations, sales, IT as well as those in senior executive roles. Solution providers, software vendors, consultants, media and systems integrators may participate in the survey, but they are not eligible for any incentives and their input will be used only if they meet the qualifications. 

What’s In It For You? All survey participants will receive immediate access to related research to support their organization’s efforts. Thank you for your participation!