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Empowering Human Capital through Next-Generation Learning


Exploring a New Approach to Improving Productivity and Performance

Learning management systems have evolved significantly over the years. Today next-generation technologies such as collaboration, mobile technology, video and advanced analytics are catalyzing a shift in emphasis to peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and a new learning experience. They connect internal experts with learning communities and enable sharing of new types of content and real-time collaboration as well as measurement of the impact of learning on productivity and performance. This benchmark research will examine to what extent and how organizations are adopting and using these next-generation technologies in their learning management processes to provide the best possible employee experience. It also will assess how well organizations are able to measure the results of their learning programs and processes.

Are You Qualified? The survey for this benchmark research is designed for human resources, learning and training staff and management as well as other executives, line of business, operations and IT groups that are responsible for learning activities or involved with the purchasing of technology for this area. Solution providers, software vendors, consultants, media and systems integrators may participate in the survey, but they are not eligible for any incentives and their input will be used only if they meet the qualifications. 

What’s In It For You? All survey participants will receive immediate access to related research to support their organization’s efforts. Thank you for your participation!