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Employee Pay Innovation Self-Assessment

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Methods by which organizations pay their workforce have changed in recent years. Payroll cards (paycards) and the emerging trend known as “on-demand pay” provide employees with convenient access to earned wages as well as with greater ease and security than traditional paychecks. On-demand pay has been shown to improve an organization’s employee experience (EX), and its availability can be a differentiator for an organization’s recruitment efforts.

This self-assessment determines the degree to which these payroll capabilities might be a good fit for your organization. Answer the questions below to receive immediate feedback on your organization’s efforts in improving the workforce payroll experience.
1. 1. What challenges are you facing with your workforce? (Select all that apply)
2. 2. How important is it within your organization to invest in improving the employee experience?
3. 3. How beneficial would it be to optimize your pay methods to meet the diverse needs of your workforce?
4. 4. How often do you pay your employees? 
5. 5. How does your organization currently distribute workforce pay?
6. 6. What do you believe is the satisfaction level of the employees at your organization regarding the options available for distribution of pay today?
7. 7. Do you currently offer any corporate rewards programs through which employees can earn rewards beyond pay and benefits?
8. 8. Do you currently provide education and tools to help your employees become financially empowered?
9. 9. Do you currently use, or have you considered using payroll cards (paycards) to pay your workforce?
10. 10. How critical is the ability to offer “on-demand pay,” or the ability for employees to have same-day access to a portion of their earned wages?
11. 11. How valuable do you believe your workforce would find personal budgeting and expense management tools?
12. 12. How confident are you that your organization has the knowledge and systems in place to introduce new workforce pay distribution methods?
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