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Enhancing Collaboration Between HR and the Office of Finance

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In today’s fluid operating environment, organizations must be agile and resilient to deal with shifts in how and where people work, ever-changing regulations and mounting competition to attract and retain top talent. However, while addressing these challenges, organizations must simultaneously meet financial objectives and maintain fiscal controls. To deal with these issues in a dynamic environment, organizations should use technology to foster better collaboration between finance and HR departments, with the objective of creating new sources of value and increased competitiveness. This self-assessment examines the degree to which your organization is already prepared to deal with these challenges and will help uncover areas where additional business benefit can be unlocked. Please answer the questions below to receive immediate feedback on your organization’s readiness in this area.
1. 1. How well do your Finance and HR departments collaborate to gain the most value from your workforce investment?
2. 2. How important is it to your company’s leadership team to improve employee productivity by streamlining administrative tasks?
3. 3. How well does your organization balance the need to offer compensation that attracts and retains top talent against the need to achieve financial objectives?
4. 4. Over the past year, what has been the trend in undesirable employee turnover?
5. 5. How well does your organizational planning efforts assess risks and opportunities to enable it to achieve better performance?
6. 6. Within your industry, how would you rate your organization’s attractiveness as an employer?
7. 7. To what extent does your organization’s leadership team support investments that align the requirements of the HR and Finance functions?
8. 8. How well does your organization’s HCM system serve the needs and goals of employees?
9. 9. How well does your organization assess worker performance?
10. 10.  To what extent does your organization invest in skills development to improve productivity?
11. 11. In which of the following departments do you work?
12. 12. How many people work in your entire organization? 
13. 13. To whom does the head of HR report?
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