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The Internet of Things

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Exploring How Real-Time Data and Analytics Enable Business Innovation
Ventana Research is conducting benchmark research to understand business and IT professionals’ views on the internet of things. IoT provides event-centered information-gathering and analysis of IoT event data that enables people to take action and make decisions. It includes automated processes to respond to events based on business rules and actionable information. We believe many organizations can gain competitive advantages if they reduce the elapsed time between events and taking action and if they analyze events to discover important patterns and relationships. This research will yield insights into the development and deployment of these systems and best practices that may help your organization improve its operational performance.

Are You Qualified? The survey for this research study is designed for IT professionals who support IoT, operational intelligence, event processing, BI, applications, middleware and data management; business professionals who are involved with IoT and related systems across all areas of operations; and business analysts who support these deployments. Solution providers, software vendors, consultants, media and systems integrators may participate in the survey, but they are not eligible for any incentives and their input will be used only if they meet the qualifications.

What's In It For You? All survey participants will receive immediate access to related research to support their organization’s efforts. Thank you for your participation!