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Total Compensation Management


Deriving Full Value from Workforce Compensation

Ventana Research defines total compensation management as the practice of managing the processes, data and systems that address all aspects of rewarding and compensating an organization’s workforce. Human Resources organizations that integrate their people and processes tightly with information and technology are best able to maximize workforce effectiveness. Compensation management is a key activity for promoting such effectiveness. We’d like to know about the business drivers, technical requirements and barriers to effective compensation management, and your plans to support it in the future. Your participation will provide valuable information about how organizations use compensation to recruit, engage, motivate and retain talent and produce the best possible outcomes by managing compensation optimally.

Are You Qualified? The survey for this benchmark research is designed for HR, compensation, finance, business and IT professionals. Solution providers, software vendors, consultants, media and systems integrators may participate in the survey, but they are not eligible for any incentives and their input will be used only if they meet the qualifications. 

What’s In It For You? All survey participants will receive immediate access to related research to support their organization’s efforts. Thank you for your participation!